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Children Need To Be Adjusted Too!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Many parents do not think about getting their children under chiropractic care. When you stop and think about it, children are the ones that need care the most! Childhood comes with many bumps and bruises as your little one learns to crawl, walk, run and eventually maybe even venture into sports. Children can be very physically demanding on their little bodies during this vital time of development. During the first year of life, 65% of brain and nervous system development occurs! It is crucial to insure proper alignment of their spines to support their rapidly developing nervous system.

Many people don’t realize that the birth process is just as hard on baby as it is on mom. There is an estimated 60-90 pounds of pressure placed on your baby’s neck during a normal delivery! That is a lot of pressure for their tiny necks to endure. Having a chiropractor check for misalignments soon after birth can help alleviate any nervous system interference that may be present after delivery. Below I have listed a few of the most common reasons that I get called to a home visit or see a newborn shortly after birth:

Latching/breastfeeding issues: When a mom brings a baby to my office with this type of issue, I normally see that the baby will only turn their head to one side causing difficulty feeding on one side when compared to the other side. This is mainly due to the atlas, the top bone in the neck , being misaligned. This can cause a nerve interruption between the neck and jaw making latching difficult.

Constipation: I frequently see little ones that have digestive troubles. When this occurs, almost always, there is a misalignment in the mid to lower back area. Once I adjust this area, I tell the parents to be prepared for a massive dirty diaper! It never fails!

Sleeping: It is never fun when your baby will not sleep through the night. This could be an indication that they are uncomfortable due to a misalignment in their spine causing unwanted tension.

Torticollis: In Latin, torticollis mean "twisted neck". This condition may occur in newborns because of their position in the womb or following a difficult delivery. The baby will present with their head turned or tilted to one side. They may often refuse to move their neck in the other direction. This is because it is uncomfortable due to the muscle spasms.

Reflux or spitting up: I often see little ones that have trouble keeping food down. This could be caused by a number of issues including a disruption in their nervous systems. An adjustment, abdominal massage, diaphragm tug, and nutritional counseling with the mom generally reduce the symptoms of reflux.

Colic: Your healthy infant may have periods of prolonged crying or fussiness that can become very frustrating to everyone involved. Common symptoms of colic include extreme fussiness, predictable timing, body tension, clenched fists, or abdominal tension. The overall cause of colic is unknown, but we can explore certain factors that may be contributing to the condition including digestive system functioning, food allergies, nervous system imbalances, feeding schedule, and stress.

Getting adjusted can allow for muscle relaxation to take place. An adjustment for an adult and child differ significantly! All it takes is very light pressure to adjust a child. When I see infants, I start their adjustments using my pinkies. As they grow, I gradually apply more pressure using my thumbs next. Adjustments grow as your child grows! Their spine adapts so quickly to the adjustment. Getting regular adjustments throughout childhood can ensure proper nerve function as they rapidly grow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a blessed day!

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