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What to Expect During Your First Visit
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First Phone Call

During your first phone call, you will be greeted by an RLC team member. All questions you may have about your visit with us will be answered at that time. Once your questions are answered, and you are ready to schedule your new patient appointment, we will need just a few pieces of information from you to get you added to our schedule. This information will include: your name, date of birth, phone number, and, if using, insurance information so that we may verify your benefits prior to your visit. Please bring your ID and insurance card with you to your visit.

Interested in filling out the new patient paperwork before your appointment? You can find the new patient paperwork packets here:


Would you rather fill out the paperwork in our office? We will have it ready for you to fill out when you get to RLC! Show up 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out the paperwork.  

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The Initial Visit

When you arrive at RLC, a team member will ensure your paperwork is completed and give you a tour of the office. While you wait, don’t forget to take advantage of our fully stocked coffee, tea, and hot cocoa bar!

Dr. Jessica or Dr. Ben will go over a complete health history with you, discuss any health concerns you may have, and a physical examination will be performed. If the doctors determine that imaging is necessary via health history and physical examination findings, you will be referred out. We refer out for imaging (x-rays and MRIs) to OK ER and Hospital at 150th and Penn. It is our philosophy that imaging is only obtained when red flags are found during your history and/or physical examination.

Your first treatment will take place during the initial visit. Dr. Jessica and Dr. Ben are trained in many different adjusting and treatment techniques. The doctor will walk you step-by-step through the first adjustment and allow you to choose the adjusting technique you are most comfortable with.

Dr. Jessica or Dr. Ben will analyze your health history and physical examination findings to determine the appropriate course of care that is tailored to your health needs. We want to make sure RLC is a good fit for your health-related needs!

You can expect the first visit with us to be around 1 hour.

Kiddos are always welcome at Radiant Life! We have toy baskets in every room to help occupy your little one as you get treated. Dr. Jessica’s treatment room has a space made just for kids where they can play and color.

RLC Is Kid Friendly

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