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Radiant Life Testimonials
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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Ray for his efforts over the last few years treating me for my numerous medical issues.  When I finally met Dr. Ray I had almost given up on finding a doctor that could figure out what is going on with me and how to treat me.  After over ten years and countless doctors that couldn’t help me I finally found a doctor that was willing to work with me.


Dr. Ray was able to get to the root causes of all of  my medical issues.  He just kept peeling back that onion to get to the bottom of each medical layer. He was able to find the correct diet that works for me that helps heal my body along with supplements and other treatments.   He is always tweaking my treatment plan and supplements to help me to become the best I can be.  Dr. Ray is always there for me and is extremely responsive when I have gone through some difficult medical issues.  As a result of everything he has done for me I now have my life back although I know there will be some continuation of these treatments in the future to maintain my health.  


If I hadn’t found you I don’t know where I would be from a health and wellness perspective.  I am forever grateful God led me to you. 



Dr Ben & Dr Jessica are amazing!! If you’re looking for a chiropractor for you or your kids I highly recommend them! After not seeing a chiropractor for years I am happy to have found one that listens and takes their time to go over everything. They go above and beyond!


I highly recommend Radiant Life! I love that Drs. Jessica and Ben work hard to truly get to the root of the issues and treat for lasting results with support asking the way. Their multifaceted approach to care prioritizes true healing. Thank you for taking care of our family!


I saw Dr.’s Jessica and Ben Ray during my whole pregnancy (also postpartum) for all my aches and pains. Every single issue I went to them with, they were able to fix... from my sciatica being fixed by regular adjustments to pregnancy headaches going away with myofascial massage, among other things. I truly believe getting regularly adjusted by them also helped me with labor too. Then after my baby was born, I took him for adjustments from just a couple of weeks old and on. Dr. Jess was able to help with issues like his TMJ for better nursing and his bowel movements. Overall, my experience with them was fantastic, and I would highly recommend going to them at Radiant Life Chiropractic!


Dr. Ben and Dr. Jessica are an answer from Heaven! They are so friendly and professional! My pain was almost completely gone after just one visit and Dr. Ben explains everything so well about what’s going on and what he does. I’m so thankful Radiant Life Chiropractic OKC was recommended to me!


I started seeing Dr. Jessica for a breech baby. She was very informative, professional, & caring. She was able to help the baby turn so that I could have a safe natural delivery. During my pregnancy, Dr. Jessica also aleviated my ligament & lower back pain. She & Dr. Ben have both helped me stay out of pain postpartum, with Dr. Jessica even making a house call 45 minutes from her office, on her lunch break, to care for my newborn and I. My husband now sees Dr. Ben regularly & our 5 children love seeing Dr. Jessica on Kids Day! The office staff is inviting & the atmosphere is clean & family friendly! Dr. Ben & Dr. Jessica go above and beyond to make sure you & your family are cared for. The RLC family is their #1 priority!


Love these two Doctors, they have been working on me and my 21 month old daughter since we were in a car accident in June. I can not say enough good things about the care they have provided for us. Truly outstanding, and they have went above and beyond to make sure we are always well taken care of.


Went to Radiant Life Chiropractor for the first time Monday because my lower back was killing me and I could barely move! Now two days later I am feeling SO much better. I highly recommend Dr. Jessica and her husband. They are super helpful very informative and know what they are doing. They offer a wider variety of services and aren’t like your typical chiropractor office. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment!


I’ve been going here for several months getting treatment on my neck and back specifically for headaches.... this place is amazing! The atmosphere is friendly and professional while the doctors are experts at what they do! I would recommend them to everyone I know!!


I highly recommend Dr. Jessica for chiropractic care, especially for expecting mommas! She has been amazing in helping with my back pain and round ligament pain in my third trimester. I am days away from my due date and I feel great thanks to her! After trying out a few other chiropractors and being disappointed with their methods, Dr. Jessica was the perfect blend of gentle yet effective adjustments, she truly listens and validates my input and I always leave the office feeling so good! My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner in my pregnancy!


Dr.'s Ben and Jessica are both absolutely wonderful! I have been going to Radiant Life Chiropractic for a few months and I'm more impressed with each visit. I tend to be a tough critic of doctors and medical facilities due to a history of chronic pain and fatigue for years. I look fine despite the fact that my body is screaming with pain all over. So you can understand my frustration after years of medical treatments with little or no results. I have been seeing Dr. Ben for myofascial pain syndrome therapy. He has treated me with professionalism and quality care. He's that kind of doctor that treats everyone like family yet has a wealth of knowledge about the functions of human anatomy and so much more. When you find a doctor that's genuinely passionate about what they do, as both Dr.'s Ben and Jessica, that's when you KNOW you're in good hands. I am truly grateful our paths have crossed! Yes, I highly recommend them.


Dr Ben & Dr Jessica are so kind, caring and considerate. I always know what to expect each visit. They’re both very professional and know what they’re doing with each visit for me. They’re wonderful and I appreciate their kindness and professionalism! I recommend them!


I found Dr. Jessica after searching for the perfect prenatal chiropractor that was Webster certified. Beyond thankful I found her! She’s been the best thing for this momma as I near the end of pregnancy and I will continue to see her postpartum with baby.


Ben and Jessica truly care about their patients. They take the time to get to know you and personalize a plan to meet your goals. I highly recommend them!!


Love Dr. Ben and Dr. Jessica. They take the time to get to know you as a patient and do a fantastic job in recommending the best treatment plan for your bodies healing. I would highly recommend them for young and old alike.


Dr. Ben and Dr. Jessica are both awesome at what they do! My husband and I enjoy going to see them each time and it is making a big difference in the way we feel too! Definitely recommend!


This is such a great place. Dr. Ben and Dr. Jessica were so friendly and made me feel at ease about being at the Chiropractor. They are very client focused and very knowledgeable in wellness and healing. I would recommend anyone to go! I can’t say enough good about my first visit!


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