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Childbirth Education Class Options

Hi everyone my name is Amy Anderson, I am a doula, childbirth educator and a student midwife’s assistant in Oklahoma City. Today I am going to discuss the different childbirth education class options that I offer through Birth Boot Camp.

As a doula, I learned early on that it is important for couples to take time during pregnancy to prepare for their upcoming birth. Planning and preparing for birth looks different for every couple, in order to meet each couple where they are Birth Boot Camp offers a wide variety of classes that run as long as 10 weeks and as short as 3 hours.

With Birth Boot Camp you have choices on how and where you take your classes. You can take classes in person with a local instructor (local instructor link “”), watch our pre-recorded, professionally filmed online videos, many instructors now offer a hybrid class option as well.

For in person classes I offer them in either a group setting with other expectant couples or as a private class in your own home. Private classes give you more flexibility on the days and times that we hold class. With your Birth Boot Camp online classes you will have access to classes for 12 months so you can watch them at your own pace. The hybrid class gives you access to our online classes, you will have weekly virtual visits with me to go over that weeks topics and any questions you might have. Plus I will mail you, your workbook and a “class in a bag” which includes the extra things I use during my in person classes to make class more personal, interactive and fun. If you don’t have an instructor in your area, but want the support that you receive from an instructor each week then the hybrid class might be a wonderful option for you.

All in person and hybrid classes come with a workbook, with some of our online class options you may choose to add a workbook for an additional fee.

Now that you know how and where you can take your class lets get into what class options you have with Birth Boot Camp. Classes will help prepare both you and your partner for an amazing birth, breastfeeding experience and those early days of parenthood.

Our most popular and my personal favorite class, is our 10 week Comprehensive Class (10 week Comprehensive Class link “”), this class will prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for your upcoming birth. We will cover a variety of topics including exercise & nutrition, choosing WHERE to give birth, what to expect through the phases of labor, how your partner can best support you in labor (this is probably my FAVORITE topic in all of our classes), labor & pushing positions, the postpartum period and life with a new recruit.

If you would prefer to take a class that focuses on where you plan to give birth, we have classes designed for hospital birth and out of hospital birth. In our 6 week Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth Class (Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth Class link “”) we cover topics such as hospital policies and how they may affect your birth, routine testing during pregnancy, comfort measures, what to expect through the phases of labor, labor and pushing positions, writing out your birth plan and newborn procedures. For those planning an out of hospital birth we offer our 5 week Training for an Amazing Home or Birth Center Birth Class (Training for an Amazing Home or Birth Center Birth Class link “”), topics covered include what happens before, during, and after birth, variations of labor and other important topics when choosing to birth out of the hospital. When taking either of these shorter classes it is recommended to also take our Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit Class (Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit link “”) that covers what to expect during early parenthood, breastfeeding, newborn procedures, babywearing and other postpartum topics that will prepare both you and your partner for life with your new recruit.

On top of these amazing classes we offer many one day class options. For those planning to become pregnant or if you are early on in your pregnancy we offer a 3 hour Food & Fitness: A Program For The Childbearing Years Class (Food & Fitness: A Program For The Childbearing Years link “”) that will help you build a great physical foundation for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We will cover nutrition, exercise, and the postpartum period. We have a 4 hour Comfort Measures Workshop (Comfort Measures Workshop link “”) that will help you and your partner learn comfort measures, massage, imagery for labor, communication skills for labor and the importance of relaxation in labor with a variety of relaxation scripts. A Reboot Refresher Class (Reboot Refresher Class link “”) for couples who have already taken a childbirth class with a previous pregnancy or those who have had a previous birth and are just looking to brush up on what you already know about birth. As previously mentioned our Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit Class that runs 4 hours. Additionally, we have our one-day, 7 hour, Basic Training Class designed with busy couples in mind. This class is only offered in person. We cover topics like basic nutrition and exercise, what to expect during labor, coping techniques, comfort measures and writing your birth plan.

You can custom build the classes you take or take our 10 week comprehensive class to help both you and your partner prepare for your upcoming birth. If you still aren’t sure what class is right for you, you can find more information on all of these classes and more on my website or through the Birth Boot Camp website.

Looking for additional support? You can purchase our Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE (Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE link “”) video or audio downloads of our relaxation scripts (relaxation scripts link “”) to help you prepare mentally & emotionally for your upcoming birth through the Birth Boot Camp (Birth Boot Camp link “”) website.

As a note our 10 week Comprehensive Class covers what is included in our Comfort Measures Workshop, Life With a New Recruit Class, and the Food & Fitness Class.

If you are looking for a local certified doula, you can find a directory of Birth Boot Camp Doulas (Birth Boot Camp Doulas link “”) on our website.

I hope this post helps you figure out what class is the best fit for you and your partner! If not, I’d love to chat and help find the class to best suit your needs!

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Amy Anderson BBCI, BBCD

Birth Boot Camp Instructor & Doula trainer

Owner, Blue Lotus Birth Services (Blue Lotus Birth Services link

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