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Women's Health

A holistic approach to women's health focusing on restoring proper function of the reproductive system through myofascial release of the pelvis, c-section recovery and cycle support.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Jessica uses a holistic approach to women's health by looking at the body as a whole, helping to discover the root cause and find solutions tailored to each individual patients needs.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Myofascial Release of the Pelvis

Myofascial release (MFR) therapy focuses on releasing muscular shortness and
tightness. Dr. Jessica performs MFR along the low back and pelvic musculature to
improve pain and mobility.

By addressing these pelvic dysfunctions, we can improve organ mobility, restore blood flow, and improve your reproductive health.

C-Section Scar Recovery

An evaluation of the pelvis will help us determine the root cause of the problem and to identify any dysfunction that may be present along the lower back and pelvis. Gentle adjustments maintain proper pelvic and spinal alignment, maintain proper muscle tone and health, and reduce tension found along the low back and pelvis.

Graston is a manual therapy that utilizes an instrument to treat acute, chronic, and
postoperative soft tissue conditions. The Graston tool can be used to gently assess the area surrounding a c-section scar to break up scar tissue and fascial adhesions to promote improved motion and healing.

Individualized Care

As every patient's story is different, so is your care. Each treatment plan is customized to every patients specific needs.

Lifestyle Through Your Cycle

Dr. Jessica offers cycle coaching including exercising and diet through your cycle,
stress reduction techniques, and cycle tracking guidance.

Women's Health services may be beneficial for women with:



Painful periods

Post-partum recovery including c-section recovery

And more!

Online Booking not available for Women's Health services.
Please call to set up an appointment and for details on pricing.

Pelvic pain

A history of pelvic/abdominal surgery leading to scar tissue development


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