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Prenatal Care

The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care extend beyond relieving aches and pains during pregnancy. The why behind seeking out a trained prenatal chiropractor is to maintain proper pelvic and spinal alignment, maintain proper muscle tone and health, reduce tension in the round ligaments, provide an optimal environment for your growing baby, prepare your body for labor and delivery, and to aid in recovery during the postnatal period.

Dr. Jessica uses gentle adjustment techniques to care for your body as it rapidly changes during pregnancy. She works with each patient to determine which adjustment technique is right for them. These techniques include diversified (manual), drop table, and activator (instrument adjustment technique). At Radiant Life Chiropractic, Dr. Jessica has 3 years of additional training in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. She is certified by the Academy of Family Practice for prenatal and pediatric care and is Webster Technique Certified.

Chiropractic care:

Balances the pelvis, reduces tension found along the muscles and round ligaments and provides an optimal environment for your growing baby.

Eliminates pain and tension commonly associated with pregnancy allowing you to stay active and feeling great throughout your pregnancy.  

Prepares your body for delivery and postnatal recovery.


Common reasons mothers seek out chiropractic care during pregnancy:

  • Back, pelvic, and round ligament pain

  • nausea

  • sciatica

  • muscle tension

  • carpal tunnel

  • digestive upset

  • fatigue

  • headaches

  • to achieve proper alignment for delivery

  • prepare body for postnatal recovery

  • and so much more!

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