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Radiant Life Chiropractic

Dr. Ben Ray & Dr. Jessica Ray

17236 N. May Avenue,  Suite A

Edmond, OK 73012


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Chiropractic care with a chiropractor who serves patients with shoulder pain, neck pain, knee, pain, lower back pain, pregnancy and lower back pain in Edmond, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas in Oklahoma

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Our diet plays an important role in how our metabolism adapts to the constant changes experienced throughout our lives.  We strive to focus on how nutrition relates to your musculoskeletal complaints and how we can alter or supplement that nutrition to reduce aggravating factors such as inflammation and toxicity that can drive chronic pain.

Toxicity is something we can’t avoid, especially in urban environments. We have reduced air quality due to increased traffic, chemical or manufacturing plants, as well as internal toxicity from working out and from the very food we eat. These toxins are stored in the brain, fat, liver, lymphatic and spleen tissues. It is essential that we consider the necessity of detoxifying these tissues as these very toxins can drive inflammation and cause unwanted symptoms.

We begin with a consultation and laboratory analysis to specifically target the areas in which you may have a nutritional deficit and determine if any factors in your current diet may be making your symptoms worse. Part of the nutritional guidance and counseling includes the elimination of foods that may be aggravating your symptoms. Also, any recommendations made regarding supplementation will be based off your individual metabolism.

Please understand that any nutritional consultation, information, suggestions or supplementation are not meant to replace conventional approaches or medicinal treatment especially in the case of emergencies, as well as serious or life-threatening diseases.